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Entry 1 – Out of the Garden

September 7, 2009

Welcome to my first foray into sharing my experiences as a recovering Christian. It took me the better part of about 10 years to completely separate from the ideas of original sin, salvation through grace, and the historical Jesus figure. And while many in my family consider me a heretic, blasphemer, and ‘Most Likely to go to Hell in a Handbasket”, I would like to share with all who will listen my personal journey out of the Garden of Eden so to speak and into just an ordinary garden, no talking snakes, displeased deities, and forbidden fruit, just plain, common sense approaches to life.

I consider myself an agnostic, but for the majority of my memory during the first 23 years of my life on the planet, I was a fundamentalist Christian. I have mostly been hesitant to talk too much about this aspect of my life.  Repercussions of discussing such a “sacred” topic include, at best, family and friend ostracization (already has occurred), and worse, hospital time and a date with the morgue (luckily hasn’t occurred).  Now though, through the anonymity of the internet and sites such as this, I can hide somewhat behind the cloak of 0’s and 1’s labeled “Anonymous”.  I feel a bit more empowered to ‘type my mind’ so to speak in this kind of forum (typing in the keyboard sense, not categorizing). I hope you also will feel empowered to ‘type your mind’ in the comments; be it agreement or disagreement. All comments are welcome.

Thank you for stopping by.


TRC (The Recovering Christian)


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