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Entry 3 – Whittling down 14,000 days

September 10, 2009

It’s really hard to know where to start when talking about lofty topics such as worldviews, faith, God, and the like. What I have gone through for the past nearly 14,000 days (approximately 39 years) on the planet Earth is to me a very special journey that I would not trade for anything.

Each day, each event, each person I have come in contact with over that span of 14,000 days has changed me. And it would take far too long to try and recount all the things that led me up to the point where I finally let go of supernatural explanations for things, and began embracing the natural. Maybe some day I will bore others to tears with the entire goings on from early childhood to childhood, adolescence to late adolescence, and early adulthood to adulthood of me, a recovering Christian, but for now, let’s let a quick synopsis suffice.

What I’d like to do in the next few posts is focus on my time here between age 23 to 33, approximately 4,000 days. This span of time began my swing toward what some of my loved ones like to refer to as, the “dark side”. I like to think of this time as movement toward enlightenment, but for now, I’ll indulge the absence of light metaphor. And I’ll also ask you the reader to indulge me for a few posts to tell the brief version of this time in my 20’s and early 30’s.

More soon on these 4,000 days.

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