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Entry 5 – Recovery Road paved by Science

September 15, 2009

I posed the question in my last entry about what it was that started me on the road to recovery.

It’s actually quite hard to pinpoint exactly. But, I think one part of my recovery was due to meeting a lot of different people in a lot of different environments who were not Christians. Some were religious, some were not. All were doing good simply because they thought it was the right thing to do.

Another part of the ‘tapping out’ if you will (see previous post) was learning not just about science and the many wonderful scientific discoveries that have occurred over the course of our human history, but more importantly how science is done. I learned first hand how messy and elegant science is during Graduate School Part III where I was actually doing my own research and carrying out my own experiments. Science is unapologetic for the information uncovered about our universe. It simply tries to get at naturalistic explanations for the things that we see, and the things we don’t. I find that incredibly beautiful.

My first love was a tall blonde in high school, and my last love was a striking brunette that I married, but I have to say my longest love is the natural beauty of science.

I would like to say too that I don’t presume to know for sure that there is no supernatural world complete with supernatural beings. I don’t presume to know anything for sure, and I am skeptical of people who proclaim that they do.

I don’t think anyone can know anything for sure.

In the same way I can’t prove that there is not a supernatural world complete with gold streets and shiny happy people praising God 24/7 up in the heavens, neither can anyone else prove that there isn’t a Puff the Magic Dragon flying around in outerspace looking to return to Earth and clear his good name from the drug allegations of the Peter, Paul, and Mary song of 1963.

For next time, I’ll get into the nasty label of ‘atheist’ and/or ‘agnostic’.

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