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Entry 30 – A Faith Based Initiative To Rally the Faith Base

August 3, 2010

Over the weekend, some of California’s politicians pandered, I mean, gathered at a faith forum in San Francisco hosted by the California Foundation (click HERE to listen).

While I don’t want to say that I absolutely won’t vote for a politician that attends such forums (e.g. Jerry Brown, pictured to the right who did attend), I will say that a politician’s attendance at such events greatly diminishes my willingness to vote for them in the future.

In my humble opinion, a politician should do their very best to keep politics and religion separated from their governance.

I realize this isn’t always an easy task.

There are plenty of examples of public servants who make it their business to let everyone else know what brand of Christianity they follow. And it usually pays off for them at the polls.

But I hope for a day where people will not worry so much about what a politician says about their beliefs in a particular God, rather look at what they actually do in terms of their beliefs in how to help humanity.

It would be such a refreshing change to see a politician simply say to people who are asking about his or her faith in a particular God that it’s really none of their business. What is your business is my record of helping people in this community live better lives.

I will keep hoping for such refreshment.

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